Murros Drinks Oy 

We are purveyors of drinks with character. We are constantly on the lookout for bold, intriguing beverages to bring home to Finland for the adventurous and discerning consumer to enjoy. No to forced hype and flavour-of-the-month nonsense. Yes to flavourful, artisanal products that reflect the craft, passion and personality of their makers. 

We import and distribute in Finland. We also operate our own brand of products, Myrrys Ferments, under which we work with our favourite producers to create unique products in limited quantities. 


8/21 – Ajatta – Kveik Rye Stout – 6,7 % ABV
Rye stout brewed with black trumpet mushrooms and fermented with kveik yeast. Black, slick and peculiar in the best way.
8/21 – Litku – Unbittered IPA – 5,5 % ABV
Unbittered, zesty and aromatic, quaffable indie IPA. Hops: Eclipse, Citra, Simcoe

10/21 – Keppada – Lager – 4,7% ABV
An appropriately malty, properly hopped and dryhopped reddish lager. Hops: Eclipse, Wakatu

Fall/21 – TBA – Hop-forward-triple-the-fun-triple-the-collab – 5,5 % ABV
Winter/21 – TBA – Rum-BA Imperial-something-something-dark side 
Spring/22 – TBA – Red Wine BA 

20.8.2021 Tankerfest, Tallinn
27.-28.8.2021 Olutsatama, Jyväskylä